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Like most web servers on the Internet, our servers collect and store all of the information that your web browser sends when it requests a web page, including: the name, domain and numerical internet address of the "host" computer, typically a computer belonging to your Internet Service Provider and not your personal computer, from which you access the Internet.

Other possibilities include the date and time you accessed our site, the Internet address of the web page that you came from, the page you requested from our site and the number of characters sent to your computer. As well as the information your web browser software sends as its so-called "User Agent," which typically identifies the browser software and may also indicate the operating system and type of CPU used in your personal computer.

It is impossible to determine the actual identity of an individual user from this information.
The logs are periodically summarized and analyzed in order to study site usage over time and to perform other studies to help us improve the site's organization, performance, and usefulness.

Electronic mail

When you send us personal identifying information via e-mail, which is, in a message containing a question or comment, or by filling out a form that e-mails us this information, we use it to respond to your requests. In no event, do we distribute lists of e-mail addresses.

Please contact our offices with any other questions or concerns about heating and cooling systems or our services throughout Greenwich, Darien and New Canaan, CT.

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