Air Solutions uses a range of high quality products for heating and cooling systems

We are always offering the latest technology available and installing with the highest quality parts. Here are just a couple of the high efficiency products we can show you.

Infinity™ 18 Air Conditioners
Infinity™ 17 Heat Pumps

These products are the only systems in the industry that allow you to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, ventilation; and they even detect when your air filter needs replacing. So advanced they automatically adjust to your system’s needs for peak-efficiency and performance.
Infinity™ 13 Packaged Heat Pump
Infinity™ 13 Dual-Fuel Heat Pump
Infinity™ 13 Packaged Air Conditioner
Infinity™ 13 Dual-Fuel Gas/Electric

Strong systems from the Experts, these products deliver the comfort you need in your home.
Infinity™ 96 Gas Furnace

The Infinity 96 Furnace with ComfortHeat™ Technology provides a nearly continuous flow of warmth in low-capacity operation for steadier, more consistent temperature and comfort levels.
Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler- Water 80, 105, 155, 230 and 310 MBH with 20-100% Modulation

Innovative - Combination of appearance, intelligence and technology.

High Efficiency - Over 92% AFUE and 98% for low temperature applications.

Attractive - The Ultra boiler features a new attractive design for installation in any setting.

Intelligent - Features PhD (Precision Hydronic Data) Technology - an intelligent system that delivers Precision Hydronic heating and hot water needs while maximizing efficiency by measuring and responding to the Data parameters of your heating system.

High technology - Cast mono block aluminum heat exchanger. Gas valve, blower and venturi technology that constantly maintains optimal air and fuel ratio at all firing rates.

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